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Wilo Middle East FZE

Jebel Ali Free Zone - South JAZFA New Showroom S3A1SR02 PO Box 262 720

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Wilo Service Center

Personal customer support

Your wishes and requests are answered at the Wilo Service Center. When you call our service number, for example, for technical consultation, a local Wilo factory customer service technician will return your call – guaranteed. This call-back is free of charge and will also take place within a few minutes. If a service call should be necessary, it can be arranged immediately with the specialist technician. The Wilo Service Center will give you support and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Local organization

This local service works so well thanks to our unique organizational structure. After all, everything comes together at our Wilo Service Center. For example, this is where all information that the Wilo factory customer service technicians obtain on site is collected under fixed, assigned equipment numbers, and it is kept up-to-date in a customer/product history. One push of a button suffices, and all essential facts are available on the computer. Based on this, every service call is perfectly coordinated via your personal switching center, and the Wilo factory customer service technician is optimally supported on-site with a lot of useful information.

The advantages to you:

  • One single service phone number
  • Proven availability (on first call) of over 92%
  • Local Wilo factory customer service technician as your personal contact person
  • Perfect transparency thanks to the equipment number and customer/product history
  • Flat fee for travel and handling, regardless of distance and travel time
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How to contact us

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

Working hours: Sunday till Thursday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Or send us your request: info@wilo.ae

T +97148809177

F +97148809188

Wilo Service Center

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