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Dual pump management

Easy. Efficient.

Dual pump management from Wilo lets you forget about the tedious project planning of double pumps. Depending on the application, the pumps are either operated as a main and standby pump (redundancy operation) or as a basic and peak-load pump (parallel operation). The pump is switched over or cut-in automatically, depending on the load or fault.

You will save on engineering expenses

Another advantage is that the double pump is represented by one pump in the building automation. That saves on engineering expenses. In parts of the work area, energy is even saved: Wilo knows exactly when both pumps are more efficient at a low speed than at a high speed.

Standard dual pump management

  • IP-E/DP-E series
  • IL-E/DL-E series

Dual pump management with IF module

The double pump interface is included for all IF modules for this series:

  • Stratos/Stratos-D/Stratos-Z series
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Dual pump management

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