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Metal industry

Highly efficient pump systems in steel production


Steel is an essential component of technical progress today. Here, steel production is among the industrial branches with the highest energy and water demand, therefore it offers an enormous savings potential at the same time.

Extreme demands on pump systems

Reliable water supply and disposal in the production process is of vital importance. The high contamination of the cooling water with aggressive and abrasive media puts the strictest requirements on the pump systems used. Here, pumps from Wilo work highly efficiently around the clock and achieve maximum service life.

Wilo ensures high-performance production in the rolling mill


The Salzgitter Flachstahl AG, the biggest steel subsidiary of the Salzgitter Group, which leads throughout Europe, produces approx. 4.6 million tons of raw steel in its Salzgitter factory. Due to the high demand on the world market, the hot wide-strip rolling mill has been considerably expanded.

Submersible motor pumps from Wilo achieve maximum service life

In the scale-forming water circuit, highly wear-resistant submersible pumps are used, which achieve an unrivaled service life of over one year, thanks to the innovative Ceram coating and a special chilled cast iron alloy. And in the process, they not only keep production flowing, but also shine with the best life-cycle cost numbers.

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Metal industry

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