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The "Wilo Assistant" – The entire world of pumps in one app

The "Wilo Assistant" now offers the entire world of highly efficient pump technology on the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. The free app provides a lot of information, which used to be available only in written documents or on the Internet, and functions in pocket format. As an easy-to-use and mobile application, the app offers support in the areas of planning, customer consultation and installation. Also, you will find a lot of good sales arguments for more energy efficient, economical and more environmentally friendly pump technology for heating, air-conditioning and domestic hot water circulation.

Easy access via the Internet or WLAN

In addition, the "Wilo Assistant" offers the user direct access to product information and know-how all about pump technology. A majority of the data content and functions are installed directly onto the iPhone and are therefore available to the user even in the absence of a mobile Internet connection or WLAN. This way, the user can avoid overloading his/her data volumes and is not limited in any way by the reception conditions prevalent at the site of use.

The "Wilo Assistant" offers the following functions, among others:

  • Interactive replacement guide for heating and domestic hot water pumps: Simply enter the name of the pump to be replaced and you will be provided with a recommendation of the suitable, high-efficiency Wilo replacement pump. Here, thousands of commercially available old pumps, with years of construction as early as 1975, are taken into consideration.
  • Savings calculator: Calculates the electricity and CO2 savings potential when using a power-saving Wilo high-efficiency pump as compared to an uncontrolled heating pump
  • Abridged wet-running pump catalog: Display of the catalog description for Wilo wet-running pumps
  • Pump dimensioning: After specifying the desired pump duty point (volume flow Q in m³/h and the pumping head H in m), the Wilo server takes over the pump dimensioning and recommends the right Wilo pump within seconds.
  • Wilo product search: With the Wilo product search, you will go directly to the respective series description after entering the product designation or item number.
  • Pump manual: Summary of the basic principles of heating pumps
  • Tips and tricks: Tips and tricks for optimizing heating systems and secondary hot water circulation systems
  • Flashlight: The LED can be switched on and off! For older models, the iPhone display is illuminated in white.
  • Unit converter: Conversion of the fundamental physical units
  • News: Up-to-date information for specialist technicians and HVAC planners
  • Contact: The quick connection to your contact at Wilo
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